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6 Sex-Related Grooming Habits And Should You Do Them?

Sex grooming habits

Just about anyone who’s sexually active has a certain set of rituals they go through when they’re getting ready to go out and get some. Some of these sex-related grooming habits are pretty benign, and some are pretty bizarre, but Continue reading

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The 19 Most Epic & Orgasmic Sex Positions Ever

Orgasmic Sex Positions

Anal sex is hot and orgasmic. It entails three different elements for mutual satisfaction. These elements are: The right stroke from your man Sufficient anal experience The right sex position Once you are sure about the first two elements, you Continue reading

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The 5 Best Tips For Anal Sex That You Should Follow

Having Anal sex safely

You have got to follow these tips, especially if you are going to engage in anal intercourse anytime soon. This is especially true if it is your first time having sex of this kind. This is because if you rush Continue reading

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How Risky is Anal Sex? Are there Dangers to it?

Is anal sex risky

Like any other sexual activities, anal sex also carries a number of risks, one of which passing on STIs or sexually transmitted infections. Anal sex refers to any kind of sexual activity wherein it involves the rectal area of the body. Continue reading

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