Anal Bleaching: How to get a Bleached Anus

2017 is the year of the ass – and I’m not talking about a Chinese donkey – I mean butts!

People always notice other people’s butts, usually without even knowing what their own looks like – unless you’re a bendy Cirque du Soleil gymnast or something.

These days it’s totally acceptable to pay super close attention to someone’s booty, and people try all types of mind-blowing tricks to get their asses “Nicki Minaj in Anaconda” fine.

This includes more than just your voluptuous badonk-a-donk – we’re talking deep ass. Think – real deep.

Specifically, anal bleaching.

It might sound crazy (and a little weird) but it’s no longer exclusive to the Kardashians of the globe anymore. Instead, whitening your asshole is entirely acceptable for us common folk too.

The question is – what do you need to know about anal bleaching BEFORE getting up on the table?

Here are some common questions new bleachers have before joining the bleachbutt club:

  • What is anal bleaching?
  • Is it safe?
  • How does it work?
  • Does it last long?
  • Can you do anal bleaching procedures at home?

Don’t worry – we’ve got all the answers to your curious questions AND we’ll tell you the best products to use so you don’t have a butt disaster.

But first, let’s figure out what anal bleaching is and why it’s all the rage these days.

Here’s the low-down (under).


Here’s Everything you Need to Know Before Bleaching your Butthole

Up until the last few years, anal bleaching was something that only porn stars and strippers were doing.

In the new millennium, porn has become part of mainstream pop culture. And along with it, the treatment to lighten that dark circle of skin around your anus.

While some spas offer anal lightening, it can be dangerous if the technician isn’t trained properly, and you can never guarantee the cleanliness of facilities.

Dirty spas and new practitioners who offer anus bleaching services can cause herpes, scarring, and even infection. (Yikes!)

Since the risks of getting your ass bleached in a spa are so high, the demand for anal whitening treatments is off the charts – and is predicted to grow even more this year.

But what exactly is butt bleaching? Here’s a closer look.

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What is Anal Bleaching and Why Do People Do It?

how to bleach your anus

In medical terms, “anal bleaching” is the treatment that lightens the skin around the anus. This medical procedure is done for cosmetic purposes, to whiten the color of the skin around the anal region.

The process can be performed in a salon or office by a medical professional or with topical creams that can be applied at home.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Anal bleaching is a beauty trend in which both men and women “bleach” the skin around their anus to create a lighter and more even skin tone.

Before you run off totally freaked out, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Some anal bleaching treatments don’t even use bleach. For example, Kojic acid is used in many anus lightening products and is part of the natural rice fermentation process.

Using this anal whitening solution, which is also employed in both food and cosmetic products, is a natural way to change the color of your skin and get the job done for you.

Most people use topical creams because of the privacy that you get as well as the cheap price compared to cosmetic salon treatments.

Skin whitening and lightening treatments are often found in spas and salons, along with laser procedures. If you don’t have the cash to spend for a trip to the professionals, then home creams are your best bet to get the perfect booty. The results you get will vary depending on your skin color and the sensitivity of your skin.

People with darker skin may need to undergo several anal bleaching treatments to reach their desired skin tone.

Bum bleaching procedures have exploded in the past few years, as words like “manscaping” have become more mainstream. Both men and women are paying WAY more attention to their intimate areas.

With all the ass whitening going on in porn – many people are concerned with how they look “down there” during sex.


Anal bleaching is a safe and effective way to increase your confidence, and look great during sex – without any side effects (unlike scary surgery).

Unfortunately, facility treatments are often extremely expensive, and many people are not comfortable baring it all to a complete stranger atop a cold table in an unfamiliar place. This created the overwhelming demand for lightening treatments where people can take care of their naughty bits in the privacy and the comfort of their own houses.

Let’s have a closer look at other reasons why people are seeking this novel bum bleaching treatment.

Click below to read our personal review of Amaira Serum – see what we thought of this favorite anal bleaching cream brand when we tried it for ourselves.


Why Has it Gained Popularity So Quickly?

gained-popularityWere it not for porn stars and celebrities adopting this anal whitening procedure, the odds are that this practice would not have come to the limelight.

The practice has since caused a surge in the number of women and men wanting to bleach their anus. Most people say it makes them feel cleaner and more confident during sex. Other people use it to maintain even skin tone when wearing G-strings, thongs, or bikinis at the beach. That’s why more and more ladies are choosing to get their vaginas bleached through whitening treatments and procedures.

In fact, wearing tight underwear or having poor skin care habits can INCREASE melanin – which makes your skin darker. Anal bleaching reverses this process to help you achieve a light and sparkly bum hole.

Whitening treatments for your intimate areas, such as the anus, vagina and nipple, used to be exclusively available only from cosmetic surgeons and specialty health spas. The truth is that cosmetic treatments for your intimate areas were all started by Hollywood trends and the rest is history. Since it has grown in popularity, many people are looking for ways to get the area around their anus lighter for personal reasons.

While not everyone wants to or is liberal enough to bare their bottom to another person, there are now ways they can do it in private and comfort without anyone knowing. The main thing is to follow the instructions of these anal bleaching products carefully as you do not want to end up with a skin irritation in such a sensitive area. It is quite understandable that you want to see results as fast as possible but you don’t want to risk your health in the process.

The word “bleach” sounds like it would be pretty harsh on your bum, but before you go dousing Clorox down in your nether region, let’s have a closer look at the safety of butt bleaching products.

Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

an open bottle of anal whitening cream

Whether you choose to undergo the whitening treatment in a beauty spa, a medical facility or at home, you need to pick the right product, as not all butt whitening treatments are safe.

And of course, pay close attention to all instructions to avoid skin irritation or chemical burns. Aint’ nobody got time for that!

First and foremost, avoid any treatment that contains hydroquinone.

While hydroquinone was a commonly prescribed agent used for lightening the skin, most physicians now have concerns about using any solution containing this topical agent for skin bleaching.

The use of hydroquinone in skin products is now banned by countries that are part of the European Union.

Even if it’s allowed in your country – play it safe. I mean, it’s your asshole! You’ve only got one, so don’t damage it using products with questionable ingredients.

In the U.S, hydroquinone has come under much scrutiny. It is recommended to only use skin lightening products that contain natural ingredients for bleaching intimate areas like the butthole, vagina, nipples, scrotum and penis.

Physicians are expressing concerns over the increased number of people using products that pack in harsh ingredients to achieve quicker results.

The side effects of these products include burning, ochronosis, scarring and increased risk of chronic conditions like cancer.


a scared woman

Scary stuff, huh?

That’s why we’ve reviewed some of the top anal bleaching brands for you that DON’T have these risks.

Doing the treatment yourself is WAY safer since you are in complete control of the process and the whitening products you use.

You can test it by applying little bits at a time to see if it irritates your skin. Doing this from home means you don’t have to feel pressured to continue with the procedure if you don’t feel comfortable, as you might if you are in a salon.

While many people still think these processes are hard to do alone, they are not. It’s even safer and more effective than going to a spa for an butthole bleaching session.

And DEFINITELY preferable to going under the knife, which is often dangerous and just an expensive way to get a bleached ass hole.

Forget about the idea of scary surgery or embarrassing bare-it-all salon sessions.

Here’s how whitening your bum from home works and why most people are choosing home-treatments over expensive clinics or dangerous procedures.

How Does Whitening your Anus Work?

how does it work?

It’s important to find out how anal whitening products work, so you don’t waste your hard-earned cash on gel kits that don’t give you results.

Skin bleaching products work by reducing skin’s pigment, known as melanin, as it forms. So, as old cells die off and the new ones are produced, lighter skin tone is revealed.

You can speed up the lightening process even more by removing old and dead skin cells with exfoliating scrubs or loofahs.

Make sure you follow instructions carefully.

To help you understand the process, here are some general instructions for anal bleaching.


The 3 Step Process for Bleaching your Anus Safely:

1. Prepare the Area to be Lightened

First of all, you need to clean and dry the rectal area. At this stage, a loofah or an exfoliating scrub will help speed up the process by making sure any excess skin or matter is removed. When exfoliating the anus, BE GENTLE - you cannot apply ass bleaching creams to any broken skin.

2. Applying the Cream

To effectively bleach the butt, apply the cream externally and rub in until it’s absorbed. Rub in a gentle, circular motion and make sure everything is rubbed in thoroughly.

3. Know When to Stop Using the Product

As we mentioned earlier, creams formulated with natural ingredients are safe and highly recommended by dermatologists across the world - But - if you experience any side effect or if your skin is inflamed in the anal area, it is advised to discontinue its use. Once you reach your desired skin tone, that’s also when you should stop using the cream (to avoid making the skin even lighter).

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Interested in how long before you see any changes after you’ve applied the treatment on yourself? We’ve gathered all the information that we need and made an average of how long before certain skin types can get to their desired skin tone. Remember, that these results may vary from person to person but this will give you a rough estimate on when to see the actual results.

Here’s the ‘bleaching’ timeline for your skin color’s improvement based on your current skin tone around your anal region:

anal bleaching graph and chart

Now, let’s take a look at the chart and check what the situation calls for. As you can see, the y-axis represents what your current skin tone is, and it may vary a little bit from the real thing, but that is what the average is about. The x-axis represents the timeline of how long it will usually take for you to see or get the results that you desire. What you will notice is that it takes some time for the process to get started which is entirely reasonable for everyone. But once the whitening process from the anal bleaching treatment starts to kick in then the changes will dramatically speed up which is why it takes less and less to get whiter over the course of a few more weeks. There you have it, a guide that will represent the expected results from your anal whitening journey.

Before and After Results of Anal Bleaching

As you guys know, this is a very sensitive subject. And, due to the sensitivity of the topic, we cannot show you images of buttholes (which is a bummer!) But, what we can show you are pictures of real people using the treatment on their skin. As you can see, there is a very noticeable improvement on the dark spot after using it for 4-6 weeks. With continued use of a decent anal bleaching product, expect the results to be more visible over time and more consistent with your overall skin tone.

It’s also important to note that when you’re using any anal bleaching product, it might not show results right away depending on your skin. But more often than not, once you start getting some results, you will start seeing more improvement on the color of your skin. The reason for this is when you first start using whitening creams, it will first go through the first layer of your skin and that one is the toughest but once it goes through that, the rest is easy-peasy.

anal bleaching before and after picture

Also, I think it is best that we make it clear that we used Amaira Skin Lightening Serum for this before and after picture to prove to you just how real the results of these skin whitening products really are. We have also tried other products like Pink Privates, Revitol, Lakshma Maxxi, and more but none of which have shown results like Amaira has for us. Having said that, let’s check out why we have arrived to that conclusion.

Salon Treatment or DIY – Which is Better?

a woman spreading her butt apart

Ok – so here’s question numero uno – Do you do a DIY at-home anal bleaching, or go to a spa?

Some people prefer to go to a spa or cosmetic surgeon for their anal bleaching services – these people usually are nervous about doing it themselves or have tons of disposable income to spend on expensive procedures.

Individuals who are more budget conscious, or are concerned about the training and cleanliness of outside facilities, prefer a safer and more efficient option. At-home anal lightening is way less expensive and certainly more private than having a technician staring up your butthole. The procedure is often quicker and more efficient than going to a salon as well – since you don’t have some sales person trying to upsell maintenance products after you’re done. Most spas charge over $150 for the first treatment, and in most cases, you’ll need to book between five and seven treatments to get the desired results.

If butthole privacy or budget is a big issue for you, then you’re probably better off opting for an at-home treatment. If you do decide to try anal bleaching at home, it might be helpful to get assistance your first time. Ask your spouse or partner to help out if you’re not comfortable trying it yourself.

For me, I prefer going with the “do it yourself” method – there is NO WAY I would have a doctor stare up my asshole and put acid on it. The embarrassment factor alone is enough to convince me to keep it private, which is why I’m glad we have the Internet in 2017! Besides the risk factor of being caught by somebody you know walking into an anal bleaching salon is pretty scary. I mean I know that cosmetic procedures are becoming much more widely accepted by social standards, but I still personally wouldn’t want my friends, mom or even local grocers catching me walking into a place to get my butt whitened, it’s just not cool. Doing it in the privacy of your home is by far the best option for me personally, and I’m sure there are plenty of others who agree.

Finding the best products, as well as instructions and tutorials on how to use them, is easier than ever. You don’t have to be embarrassed, or leave your house for that matter. We’ve put together an easy tutorial on how to do anal bleaching yourself.

What to Look for in Anal Bleaching Products?

There are many different butt bleaching products out there, and so many choices can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ve tried a bunch of the most popular products ourselves and created our personal bleaching cream and gel reviews. This way, we can share with you what actually works and what doesn’t. There are far too many products out there and believe us, we’ve tried all of them! Let’s not take a chance, let’s only use brands that work. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these products.

Here’s what we discovered:

woman shopping for anus whitening products1. Avoid Hydroquinone at all Costs

The biggest thing we found, was that you should avoid any product with hydroquinone. We did our research to see if this ingredient was REALLY unsafe, and found that most brands with hydroquinone had terrible reviews and a lot of negative feedback. Not only did people experience extreme skin irritation – but the products didn’t even work well!

Not the treatment that you want if you are looking to get a bleached ass hole naturally. There are far better options to do the whitening procedure safely and naturally. This is surely an ingredient to be avoided at all cost.

2. Start with Realistic Expectations

Be real. If you have super dark skin, you cannot expect to have a shiny pink bumhole right away. Using a formula with natural ingredients is WAY safer, but also may take a bit longer to achieve results than a product with harsh chemicals. Which is more important – quick results, or your long-term health? That’s why we were super impressed with Amaira – they seem to care about their customers. Their Amaira Skin Lightening Serum had great customer feedback, and they’re a company that is well known for producing safe and effective anal lightening products. Not to mention, their delivery is free and reliable. This alone was enough to make me want to purchase a whole package of their products.

3. Do your Homework & Try it Yourself

These anal bleaching products do require some testing, most of them are quite safe to use while some of them are a little bit risky. Out of all the creams and gels that we have tested, only one stood out to us.

We have tried and tested the Amaira Skin Lightening Serum ourselves and found that we liked the price, all-natural ingredients, and the results. Of course, nothing is perfect, so take a look at our review to see what we DIDN’T like as well. You’ll be shocked at what we found!

If you want to learn more about other ways that you can get a bleached ass hole then look no further as all the answers to your question is on this website. We spent so much time gathering information to be able to give you only factual data in the hopes that it helps you in your quest in getting the perfect body (or anus). We’ve all been insecure; it’s time to reduce those insecurities for good!

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