Vaginal Bleaching Creams & Intimate Whitening for Women

Best Vaginal Bleaching Creams
& Intimate Whitening for Women


Once reserved exclusively for porn stars and strippers, vaginal bleaching, also called “genital bleaching” or “pussy bleaching,” has become part of the mainstream popular culture. Thanks to celebrity attention, this bold beauty trend has become insanely popular across all ages, cultures, and professions. Just simply put – women are no longer afraid to bleach their hoo ha’s!

Of course, when dealing with intimate areas like the vagina, nipples, etc., bleaching can be a delicate procedure, so it’s important to use products made with all-natural ingredients that won’t damage your skin. By using the RIGHT whitening products, you can bleach your vaginal area safely and efficiently.

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What Exactly is Vaginal Bleaching?

The phrase “bleached vagina” is pretty cringe-worthy. The thought of putting bleach on your lady garden sounds like a one-way ticket to “nope town” to me!

The truth is – this process isn’t really about “bleaching” at all! The term refers to using safe and natural vagina whitening products to change the color of your vulva/labia from dark to pink. Just be careful to avoid ANY creams with hydroquinone, a chemical agent which can cause uterus cancer and other health issues. Stay away!

Getting a perfectly pink pussy is possible, but only if you use the right bleaching products and follow instructions carefully. If you do your research, you can effectively whiten your vagina, so you feel confident, and sexy when someone is staring at you “down there.” This renewed physical look for your genitals will surely boost your self-esteem especially when you’re in bed with your partner. No more shyness and insecurity because of dark intimate areas. After these treatments, only confidence will be oozing out of you from now on. It’s completely life-changing.


The most important thing to remember is that the area surrounding your vagina and labia minora is very sensitive, which is why we’ve created a guide for choosing lighting products that are safe for your tender girly bits. If you are looking for a safe vaginal bleaching cream, you might as well just look for anal whitening gels as they are just as efficient and will work just fine because the anus is as sensitive as the area around the vagina. 

Which Vaginal Bleaching Option is Right for Me?

woman showing off her bleached private area

Although genital whitening has gained incredible popularity over the years, undergoing these bleaching treatments might not be a viable choice for all females. This is why it’s important to choose the option that is right for you and your vagina!

Some procedures can be expensive – with most spa centers charging several hundred dollars for a single visit! Fortunately, there are other DIY vaginal bleaching treatments which are just as effective, and more affordable. These vigina bleaching products can be used in the privacy of your home – so you don’t need to go flashing your naughty bits all over town.

When choosing an at-home DIY option, a topical brightener is your best bet. These products lighten the skin around your intimate areas WITHOUT requiring a professional to apply them. The best topical skin brighteners will reduce the darkness around the vaginal area, but are made of only natural ingredients that don’t cause side-effects such as skin irritation or rashes.

You want to choose a vaginal bleaching treatment that is safe, effective, affordable and easy to apply yourself. The best way to do this is to find honest, real-user customer reviews for products that real women have tried in the past. Look for these reviews of the goods made by trusted brands – or ask your doctor about creams and gels which actually lighten your labia minora and the overall color of the vagina area.

We tested a few of the most popular at-home treatments and found that some worked well, and some were complete scams. Read our review by clicking the button below to see what we liked – and what made us run for the hills.


Choosing the Best Option For Your Vagina

woman covering her whitened vaginal area

Ok, let’s get the whole ‘bleaching’ thing straight. You’re not bleaching your vagina. You’re using a gentle lightening agent made of all-natural ingredients to reduce the darker pigment of your skin. The treatment works by blocking melanin, a chemical which makes your skin darker, from impacting new skin cells. So as you exfoliate and scrub off old skin cells, the new ones your body produces will have a lighter color.

When looking for a vaginal lightening cream, avoid products that contain hydroquinone. This harsh chemical is unsafe and can cause dangerous side effects. Instead look for topical creams, gels or serums which have all-natural ingredients, and a proven track record for excellent results. Specifically search for products with ingredients high in vitamins A, C, and E.

Again — it’s important that you DO NOT use any products which contain hydroquinone, which is a harsh chemical that can cause long-lasting damage to your body.

No matter which product you choose to use in whitening your labia or vagina, read the ingredient labels and instructions carefully. The product should be powerful enough to get you fast results, but sensitive enough to avoid causing irritation or scarring. If you notice ANY irritation at all – then stop using the product immediately and wash it off gently with warm water.

What are these Products Made of?

Vaginal products are made with many different ingredients some of which are all-natural whereas others are chemical based. It is recommended to use a product that’s formulated with natural ingredients. Some genital lightening creams are infused with terribly dangerous ingredients like hydroquinone so I would highly suggest staying away from those as they are not worth the results. They might be able to help you achieve the skin color that you want but at a very high cost which is your health. Many other products are made for bleaching vaginas that are safe which we will talk about more at the end of this article.

Nutrients contained in many of the natural products include vitamins A, C, and E. Some chemical-based creams contain ingredients that include hydroquinone.

As mentioned earlier, you need to steer clear of creams that contain hydroquinone. Realize that components play a vital role in lightening your skin’s complexion.

Therefore, you should exercise some caution when choosing which product to use.


Here’s What You Need To Know BEFORE Buying A Vaginal Lightening Product:

Before taking the pussy plunge into intimate whitening, there are a few things you should consider first.bleaching tips for women

  1. Look at the ingredients that make up the product carefully. Ensure that there are no harmful chemicals and that all the ingredients are natural. Ingredients high in essential vitamins are proven to help lighten the pigmentation of your skin, as well as keep your skin healthy throughout the bleaching process. All ingredients should be safe for use in intimate areas and have a proven track record for successful skin whitening.
  2. Pay attention to the packaging. Many companies use tubes that come with a screw-top lid, which can be difficult and messy when trying to apply an at-home DIY product by yourself. Instead, look for products that look easy-to-use without making a mess.
  3. Check reviews and testimonials about the manufacturer. Do they have a refund policy? Do they have information about their company? Read some of our real-user reviews here if you’re still unsure about a product’s safety or effectiveness.

Of course, in any beauty treatment, you’re going to find great products and crappy products — genital lightening is no different. There are tons of whitening products on the market – from natural creams and herbal gels to treatments with harsh artificial chemicals which are banned in many countries.

If you read the ingredients carefully, you’ll be able to pick the perfect product for your pussy. So, as you can see, vaginal bleaching is a very personal decision. If it’s something you’re interested in, do it for yourself, NOT for anyone else. From our experience – we love having an absolutely pink petunia, and we think you will too.

Give it a try and see what you think!

Vaginal Bleaching: Before and After

vaginal bleaching before and after pictures

I bet you’re wondering why we have a picture of a woman’s face in this “before and after” section instead of an image of her intimate area. Well, the reason being that the subject is too sensitive to show actual pictures of genitals without getting in trouble. So, instead, we chose to show facial skin which is about as sensitive as the skin around our anal and vaginal areas. And, as you can see after using the right product for 4-6 weeks, you will be able to see visible results. And, with continued usage of vaginal bleaching creams, your genitals will also be able to achieve a more uniform skin tone all around.

I think it is also important to note that we have used Amaira Intimate Skin Lightening Serum for this before and after picture. We cannot fully guarantee the same results if you use a different product so if you are looking to get the same or better results then I would highly suggest going for Amaira.

Final Advice for Women

Are we all clear about all the information in regards to genital bleaching for women?

I hope all the information that we have provided above adequately explained what it is like for women to go through a whitening process on their intimate regions. It’s a very delicate situation because it is not like any other part of your body, the vaginal area is a lot more sensitive than the rest of your skin. That is why bleaching for women should be taken seriously and with caution.

So, if you are decided to want to go through the process of intimate bleaching, then you should have gotten all the information that you need to push through with it. Our goal with this page is to enlighten women from all over the world the right information in regards to vaginal bleaching. It can be a tricky process especially if you know nothing about it. But, if you have the correct information about the course of lightening your private areas, then, by all means, go through with it.

Hopefully, we have helped everyone with the dilemma of “should I go through with this treatment?” which is completely understandable, to begin with because of all the products that we have lying around online. But, if you are decided to move forward and are looking for a vaginal bleach cream that will fit your needs without compromising your health, then Amaira is the way to go. There are no other products that can compare to it as of now, with its excellent pricing and effectiveness, it’s hands down at the top of the mountain of the ‘best bleaching cream for your private area’.

Good luck and happy (vaginal) bleaching!

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