Anal Bleaching at Home: A DIY Guide

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Love ‘em or hate ‘em – celebs like the Kardashians have undoubtedly brought beauty trends like anal bleaching to the mainstream. As Brazilian waxing has become more popular, many people are paying way more attention to both the back and front of their hoo-ha’s.  

Both vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching might seem crazy – but lots of people (both men and women!) are lightening these areas to feel cleaner, sexier, and more confident when exposing their naughty bits during intercourse.

No longer solely the territory of porn stars and strippers, bleaching your intimate areas has become the hot new way to lighten the dark skin around your anus and vagina – BUT – not everyone is ready to bare it all at the salon.

The fact is – you CAN do anal bleaching at home safely and effectively. And you DON’T need to go to an expensive salon if you don’t want to. Hence, the DIY anal bleaching treatments.

Of course – make sure to do your homework so you know exactly what to expect. And definitely pay close attention to the at-home products you’re using.

Here are our two favorites for at-home bleaching. Pick the one that’s right for your bum bleaching session, and then follow our DIY at home bleaching guide below.

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Why do People do Their Anal Bleaching at Home?

People are obsessed with having the “perfect body.” Of course, everybody knows that no one is perfect – but there ARE things you can do to get closer to your dream bod. One of the more intimate areas that people want to freshen up is the area around their anus, which can have a darker skin tone.

This skin gets darker as friction takes place over time — as you rub your thighs together, go for jogs or long walks, wear thongs and g-strings, etc.

Many research studies have shown that drinking excessive amounts of soda or coffee, as well as poor anal hygiene, can also have a darkening effect. So, after years of bad maintenance, many people find that their skin down-under isn’t as light as they’d like.

Thus – anal bleaching was born to lighten up these bums in distress. It all started with spa treatments but over time, researchers have found a very easy way for people to do it in their homes.


Which Option is Right for my Tushy?

Here’s question numero uno. What does anal bleaching involve, where can I have it done, and which at-home treatment option is right for me?

Ok, so that’s more than one question, but they’re all questions that you need to answer BEFORE going bleach.

There are a few different options for you to choose from:

  • Retinol treatments applied topically by dermatologists
  • Laser and microdermabrasion treatments provided by a certified skin care professional
  • Medical treatments provided by doctors and medical technicians
  • At-home treatments which you can DIY in the privacy of your own home

For those of you with lots of extra cash who are willing to bare your bumhole in a spa or medical office, there are lots of places you can get anal bleaching done by a professional. Just be very careful to check the cleanliness of the facilities, and the training and experience of the person conducting the anus whitening treatment. You do NOT want to get a burned bum or skin irritation because the place isn’t clean enough, or the person doesn’t know what they’re doing.

If you’re worried about the risks associated with surgery and spa treatments – or don’t have tons of disposable income for these expensive treatments – you’re probably better off using an at-home anal bleaching treatment which you can do yourself (DIY method) in privacy.

Fact: At-home DIY anal bleaching treatments are just as effective as spa or medical treatments. But they’re much more affordable, and best of all — you are in total control of the cleanliness and process.

Surgery vs at Home & DIY Treatments

a generic at-home anal bleaching creamThere are many people today that are still confused about what is a much more effective anal bleaching remedy or procedure if you are looking to whiten the skin around your butthole region. And, to answer that question, it is definitely the at home or DIY anal bleaching treatments. When it comes to surgery, the biggest thing about it is the price and the risk. Those two are the biggest factors that you have to consider when you’re opting to go under the knife. The results are somewhat guaranteed but you will still need to do it consistently to keep the same results.

Meanwhile, an at home anal bleaching treatment is just as effective without all the risks and costs that a surgery or a salon treatment would normally come with. This is especially true for do-it-yourself lightening gels that are made from all natural ingredients that are made to safely whiten your skin without any side-effects. Yes, you will have to still do it regularly but it beats going back to a salon or medical office every few months. Why do that if you can do it yourself at home and pay less for the same or maybe even better results?

What You Need to Know Before Doing it Yourself at Home

You can apply an at-home anal bleaching treatment without all the risks and costs of surgery or salon treatments. At-home lightening gels and creams should be made from all-natural ingredients. These should all be safe for your skin (regardless of skin type), without the risk of side-effects.

You’ll probably need to do more than one DIY anal bleaching treatment to get your the ideal skin tone for your perfect patootie – but you can do it in total privacy and your own schedule – and it sure beats going to an expensive salon or medical office and stripping down every month!

If it’s your first time, you may want to have someone help you apply the cream properly before you do it yourself. You may giggle over it at first – but you can bet your partner will be pretty damn excited when they see your shiny new bum hole!

DIY at-home anal bleaching is becoming more and more popular as a safe and effective way to whiten the darker skin around your anal region – WITHOUT having to let the rest of the world know about it.

The most important thing — choose the DIY treatment and brand which is right for YOU! And make sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.

If you’d like to learn more about our top pick, just click the button below.


This sort of at home treatment is garnering such praise as it is a safe and effective way to whiten the skin around your anal region without having the world know about it. The effects are very fast acting considering only natural ingredients are in the product, also it’s not even as expensive as bleaching procedures/surgeries. Not. Even. Close.

So, having said all that, we think that doing this DIY (do-it-yourself) method is your best option. Click the button below to see the best at home treatment for a lighter skin around your anus.

woman learning at homeHow to Properly Bleach your Anus at Home

Many people prefer to do this do it yourself treatment in the comforts of their own homes which is completely justified given the way others touch on this topic. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the “how-to’s” of bleaching your anus at home using creams and gels:

  1. Properly clean/shave the affected area
  2. Make sure that the area doesn’t have any wounds or cuts
  3. Apply the cream or gel on the affected area until it’s completely absorbed by the skin
  4. Wait approximately 2-3 weeks for visible results

The most important thing when it comes to whitening your intimate regions is to find an all-natural product to use and be patient for the results. A lot of people tend to overdo the process which can result into skin problems. So, be careful and follow the instructions to a tee.

6 Ways to Naturally Whiten your Anus at Home:

If you’re opting for a home-use anal whitening product, only use all-natural products with ingredients that are safe for all skin types. Some anal bleach products sneak in dangerous chemicals, so make sure to check the labels and only use brands like Amaira that are naturally safe for use in intimate areas.

No matter what – avoid dangerous chemicals like hydroquinone – which can cause skin irritation, burning or rashes. Here’s our top picks for at-home natural skin bleachers that are completely organic, from least-effective to most-effective:

woman from rear#6 Oranges and Lemons

Fruits like oranges and lemons are rich in vitamin C, and are often found in most natural skin whitening creams. That’s why these fruits have landed a spot in our do-it-yourself anal bleaching guide. These fruits impact hyper-pigmentation, so squeeze the fruit to extract the juice, then apply to the skin around your anus using a cotton ball. You could also rub a slice of lemon over the area directly. Leave the treatment on your skin for about 20 minutes or longer, then clean the area with soap and warm water.  If your skin feels tender or chaffed, use a smaller amount to avoid burning or irritation. Most importantly – always use a fresh slice or cotton ball for each session to help your skin naturally whiten over time.

#5 Calamansi

Calamansi is a small, green-colored fruit from the citrus family. Just like lemons and oranges, the calamansi fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can help naturally lighten dark skin pigment and such an easy task to do at home. Simply squeeze the juice onto a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area once or twice a day. You can also rub a slice of Calamansi on the dark skin area for a few minutes at a time. Let the juice sit for about 20 minutes before scrubbing the area gently to remove dead skin cells.

The fruit definitely has some natural properties that are very unique, this way it helps our skin regenerate and take out all the old ones so we can replace them with brand new and whiter skin. People have been doing this DIY anal bleaching process at-home for a while with a lot of people saying that it works but it might take a while. I personally do not have the patience to deal with the long process, I’d rather just get my results within 2-3 weeks. But this is definitely a good way to try natural anal bleaching.

#4 Papaya

If you’re asking yourself the question “how to lighten the skin around your anus naturally?” then you have come to the right place. We have natural home remedies that you can do yourself. One good example of that are papayas. This natural skin bleacher is very popular amongst asian countries. First of all, the fruit is very abundant in these countries so you can expect it to be utilized more. Another thing is that, its components are actually built to whiten the skin. Not to mention, its organic.

Papaya allows you to accelerate the natural process of skin cell renewal, which helps whiten the skin around your asshole. These fruits have been used for hundreds of years in skincare products, such as soaps, masks, creams and lotions. Papaya in its natural raw form contains an enzyme called papain, which boosts skin cell turnover, and reviews say papaya is very effective for skin whitening. Simply remove the inside of the fruit and use it as a scrub to rub around the darkened skin of your anus. Leave the treatment on for 5-6 minutes before cleaning with warm water and soap. You’ll get better results if you do this on a consistent basis. You can do it yourself without having anyone else know about it!



#3 Tomato

Tomato is another great natural remedy that has been known to whiten darkened skin without unwanted side effects. Tomato boasts the highest concentration of vitamin A and C of all fruits (yes…. Tomato is a fruit). Just like the other fruits, use the tomato to scrub around your buttwhole area. For ever better results, mix tomato with lemon juice, and leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes — then wash off with warm water.

#2 Almond or Coconut oil mixture

A mixture of almond oil or coconut oil and lemon juice is another excellent DIY anal bleaching treatment for getting rid of dark spots around the anus especially if you want to do it in your home. This has been reported to be one of the most effective at-home anal bleaching remedies when using natural ingredients. Alternatively, you can use a gentle apricot scrub – then apply cocoa butter on your anus after exfoliation. If you’re looking for more do-it-yourself anal bleaching options, try a mixture of lime juice and yogurt, or yogurt and oatmeal, to get rid of those dark patches at home. Rub this natural concoction on your skin and leave it for about 15 minutes.

#1 DIY Anal Bleaching Creams and Gels (Recommended)

The #1 best way to lighten the skin around your anus at home is to use specially-formulated anal bleaching cream kits and gels. The best of these do-it-yourself remedies are made from natural ingredients, are easy to use, affordable, and effective. Not only do you get to keep your secret, it’s also way more effective than going to a salon. Not only is it embarrassing to be showing your butthole to the spa-lady but it’s also quite expensive to be doing it every single month or whenever you need to. You might need someone to help you out at first but once you’ve gotten the feel around it, then you can go at it alone. Applying the at-home anal bleaching is easy as it can be. You just open up the DIY product and follow the instructions and you’re on your way.

For people that are looking for different ways on how to whiten their intimate areas naturally then this is your way in. Many people still debate about whether to use these kinds of products or not, but the thing is, many people have and all of them are more than satisfied with their results. It’s really something that you want to get into if you are looking to improve your overall skin complexion. Don’t get left out.

We prefer a natural product that has a low price-point, and offers a money-back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it out. To find the best product available, we’ve tested dozens of anus whitening treatments to find the best DIY anal bleaching remedy that you can use at home. Here’s our personal review — find out what we liked (and what we DIDN’T like) about Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum. You’ll be surprised at what we found.



If you are planning to do it yourself then you should surely follow the steps that we have laid out for you if you want to guarantee effectiveness and safety. It is not worth going for the unnatural things because that might get your results but at what cost? You should treat your body with care and avoid things that might risk damaging it permanently. No result is worth it if you are risking your health for it. So, I think the lesson that everyone should keep in mind is to be cautious especially for sensitive areas.

Best of luck to you all.



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