Male Anal Bleaching (2023 Update) The Honest Truth for Men

Male Anal Bleaching – What Men Need To Know

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Dudes. Anal bleaching is not just for the ladies. Tons of men are jumping on the ass-lightening train of sexiness to improve how they look from behind. Of course, this can seem a bit weird if you’ve never done it before, but no worries – we’ve got your back(side)

Got questions? Of course, you do. Here’s what you need to know before bleaching your butthole.

Men too are seeking out these treatments in a bid to improve the looks of their anus. In this article, we will answer any question you may have about male anal bleaching.

The low down on male anal bleaching – it’s pretty self-explanatory. This process lightens the skin around your asshole to remove the naturally darker pigmentation of the anus. This is usually done by applying a lightening agent directly to the skin.

The process got a bad rep in the European Union due to harmful products containing hydroquinone. This chemical can cause irritation or scarring, so make sure you DO NOT use a product which has hydroquinone in it. Use a product with natural ingredients instead.

We reviewed two of the more popular products ourselves, to give you an idea of your options for DIY at-home treatments. Men, here’s what we found when we put them side-by-side:

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Does Anal Bleaching Work Differently for Men?

topless bleached male model Just like your more feminine counterparts, your male skin contains a chemical called Melanin. This natural chemical is produced by your body cells known as melanocytes, and darkens your skin as a natural protection from sunlight. So naturally, men with darker skin have more melanin than lighter-skinned people. More melanin = darker skin tone. Got it?

Now, skin whitening products work by REDUCING how much melanin your body produces. So, as you get rid of old skin cells, the new ones your body produces have less melanin – this results in a lighter skin pigmentation.

Just like getting a tan at the beach, exposure to the sun can re-oxidize your skin, which brings back a darker skin tone. But your butt gets WAY less sun exposure than the rest of your body – so you can rest easy that lightening your anus with a product like Amaira will have lasting results even if you’re a man.


Is Anal Bleaching Safe for Men?

man undergoing a whitening processWe get it, you only have one ass. And you want to make sure you’re not going to damage it with sketchy products. We know you want a shiny light asshole, but dude, protect yourself first by doing some research. Some bleaching products are better than others, and some even have chemicals which can burn or scar your skin. This is why it’s SUPER important to do your homework.

Many lightening products for males use all-natural ingredients. These ones are completely safe for all skin types. The risky part is when you use products which contain hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone can cause scarring, discomfort, incontinence, or burning and on a darker skin. The worst part? It can actually discolor your anus! The opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

This is why doctors tell you to avoid any type of skin lightening product which contains this harmful chemical. In fact, many European and Asian countries have banned products which contain hydroquinone.

So, if you want to bleach your butthole safely – use products with all-natural ingredients, and make sure you apply them properly by following the instructions carefully.

If you’ve never bleached before, it’s a good idea to conduct a small patch test before putting the product on your anus. Apply the small test patch and wait between 12-24 hours. You should feel a slight tingling sensation, but realize this is a natural reaction to the whitening gel after exfoliating your skin before application. If you don’t notice any irritation besides this slight tingling, then go ahead and use the treatment for anal whitening. Just be careful to make sure the product doesn’t get INSIDE your anus – it’s only supposed to be used for the external skin AROUND your butthole.

As long as you choose a product with all-natural ingredients, and follow the instructions carefully, then you can rest easy that anal bleaching as a male is TOTALLY SAFE. Feel free to enjoy your sexy new asshole in peace!


How Do I Know Which Product Is Best For My Butt?

man showing off his lightened bum areaThe best skin bleaching gels and creams have no known risks of adverse side effects. The same can’t be said for many male products advertised for intimate area bleaching for men, so make sure to check reviews. Products made with natural ingredients are highly recommended, because they rarely cause irritation to your skin. In addition, choose a product with a money-back guarantee. That way you can try it out risk-free and get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the results.

You should also choose a liquid-based product since those are more easily absorbed by the delicate skin around the anus. Most importantly, check the ingredients carefully before using any male product to make sure they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

What are the Precautions?

To achieve desired results and prevent any unpleasant side effects from the use of these whitening products for men, you first have to conduct a patch test. Apply the test on a small patch as per the process of using the product and wait for 12-24 hours to see if the product would react. If you notice any reaction, don’t use the treatment or you will experience unpleasant side effects. If there is no irritation, then you can use it for anal whitening process. Additionally, you should take care when applying these products to make sure that they don’t get inside the anus since they are designed to be used on the skin around the anus.

Also, one thing to always note about is to check the list of ingredients of any products that you are using. You might be allergic to some of it or not, that is why it is always a good idea check the label. And, one ingredient that you need to always stay away from is hydroquinone. It’s a dangerous substance that has been banned in all male anal bleaching products. It has been linked to a lot of serious health conditions including cancer. So, I would really stray far away from it, despite how helpful it can be in whitening products.


When Can I see Results? And, How Long Does it Last?

a satisfied guyOf course, every guy’s skin is different, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get quick results. Men with darker skin may need more applications than someone with lighter skin. If you consistently apply the treatment every day, generally you will see the results in less than two weeks. Give yourself at least a month or two before judging the results – but after that time you should see a huge difference in your skin tone.

Just like teeth whitening, skin lightening is not permanent. You’ll need to keep on top of follow-up treatments in order to maintain the perfect skin color. This is why many men end up using products that contain harmful chemicals to get quick results. But this is NOT safe and can cause permanent damage. So even though you’ll need to reapply the product once in a while, using a solution with natural ingredients is much safer and more sustainable for long-lasting results.

By using the product regularly, you should be able to get your perfect butthole skin tone, and feel great about how you look from behind. The trick is choosing the product that is perfect for your particular male patootie. You can definitely use products that are made for women because these creams are most likely to work on you as well. It is only advertised ‘for women’ because there is a bigger market for that. Men aren’t exactly know as the gender that are too concerned about this sort of thing.

Some products are more expensive or use different ingredients. Our top pick is Amaira Skin Lightening Serum, which is the perfect combination of affordable, safety, and great results. So, having said all that, even if you’re a man you can still do something about the color of your anus. Just trust these anal bleaching treatments that were made specifically for men and you’ll be prancing around with your brand-new skin tone in no time!

So, What Should I Do?

Well, if you really are decided in making a change to your body then by all means go for it. There is way more than enough evidence to show that anal bleaching creams works safely for men and women. It will be a new experience for you for sure but it’s going to be worth it.

If you are choosing between going to a professional at a salon or doing it on your own, I would highly suggest you to just buy whitening creams online or at the store. What you are paying for really is for someone to apply some magical lotion on your sensitive area for up to four times the price compared to doing it yourself. And, if we’re going to talk about which product is the best for you, I think we’ve established that Amaira Skin Lightening Serum is our top choice. With its great pricing and effectiveness, there really is no better option.

If you’re interested in trying Amaira make sure to take advantage of this month’s deal.  It’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen it and it expires at the end of July.

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