Are there Risks or Dangers to Having Anal Sex?
Is anal sex risky

How Risky is Anal Sex? Are there Dangers to it?

Like any other sexual activities, anal sex also carries a number of risks, one of which passing on STIs or sexually transmitted infections.

Anal sex refers to any kind of sexual activity wherein it involves the rectal area of the body. This includes penetrating the butthole with the penis; penetrating the anus area with toys such as vibrators or a finger; or oral that stimulates the rectal area using the tongue or mouth, which is also referred to as rimming.

What are the Primary Risks?

couple huggingAnal sex is recorded to have higher risks of STI’s compared to any other kinds of intercourse. The reason for this is because the anus’ lining is very thin, which can get easily damaged, thus exposing it to infection.

The STIs that can be passed on via anus penetration include genital warts, chlamydia, genital herpes, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B, and gonorrhea. Some infections related to intercourse are caused by viruses or bacteria such as E. coli or hepatitis A.

It has also been reported that STI can be passed by inserting one’s finger into another’s anus.

One of the main reasons why this type of sexual intercourse is the riskiest way of any activity is because it lacks the natural lubrication that the vagina has. Penetration can tear up the tissues of the anus, thus it exposes the rectal area to viruses and bacteria, which will enter the bloodstream.

Also, the tissue inside the rectum is not as protected as the ones at the skin outside of it. The external tissue of the anus is composed of dead cells in which it serves as a protective ring against the infection. The tissue within the anus does not have any natural protection, making it vulnerable to tearing and the spreading of infection.

risk cubesOne thing that people need to keep in mind is that the anus is designed to holding up the feces. It is surrounded by muscles forming like a ring referred to as the sphincter. This tightens up after the body defecates.

When the muscles get tight, penetration can get really difficult, not to mention painful. The repetition of sex can lead to the weakening of these muscles, leading it to difficulty in holding up the feces until you made it to the toilet. If you have been into anus sex for so many times and this is what you are experiencing, you can engage in Kegel exercises.

This is a kind of exercise that will aid in strengthening the sphincter, thus addressing this kind of problem.

Lastly, the anus is filled with bacteria. Even when both partners do not have any STI or STD, the bacteria found inside the anus has a high possibility of infecting the giving partner.

For those that engage in anal sex for the first time can be a bit painful.

There can be a little bleeding, too. To lessen the pain, there are things that must be done first, like slow penetration and the use of water-based lubrication (see more). Some people use their fingers first and insert them into the anus prior to penetration since this can help ‘loosen’ its insides.

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