Our Top 19 Most Orgasmic Sex Positions Ever
Orgasmic Sex Positions

The 19 Most Epic & Orgasmic Sex Positions Ever

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Anal sex is hot and orgasmic. It entails three different elements for mutual satisfaction.
These elements are:

  • The right stroke from your man
  • Sufficient anal experience
  • The right sex position

Once you are sure about the first two elements, you should research and try out various sex positions. When you combine these three elements, you will have the best anal sex experience ever. Choosing the appropriate position is essential if you want to achieve maximum satisfaction for both the receiver and the giver.

This read will help you choose the best anal sex positions from these nineteen options.

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1. Washing machine- This position is quite fun. To perform it, you will need the either of the following appliances: a washing machine, tumble dryer, or a dishwasher. The idea is to include the vibrating nature of the machine to increase the pleasure. The receiver should lean on the machine in a position that provides more contact between their genitals and the machine. It is advisable that girls use the corner of the machine.

2. Doggy style- If you want your partner to have a lot of control during sex, then this position should be your go-to. The receiver has to get on their knees and hands, as the receiver enters from behind while on their knees. The receiver has total control with this position including speed, depth, and even motion. The giver can control all these through either grabbing their partner’s waist or shoulders. This is the mainstream porn position.

3. Frog leap- This position needs a lot of strength and flexibility for the receiver. The receiver needs to squat down and maintain this stance on their toes. After this, he or she needs to lean forward and balance their weight on their hands. The giver then comes from behind on their knees and enters their partner. The receiver should increase their balance by squatting while their legs are further apart than usual. This will help them maintain their balance during the strokes.

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4. Turtle- This position is good with people who are into submission. The receiver needs to kneel down and use their hands to pull him or herself closer to the bed. Once they are close, they can wrap their hands behind their legs to secure a more compact position. The giver can then hold onto their waist or shoulders during anal sex.

5. Heaven stairway- Just as the name suggests, this position requires the use of stairs. The receiver has to kneel on the stairs and secure their balance with their arms, as the giver comes from behind while either standing or kneeling. This position is good for couples who are spontaneous or willing to change their average sex life.

6. Jockey- This position favors the receiver, as they do not have to do much during the act. The receiver lies down with legs closed on the bed. The giver then comes from behind and penetrates the receiver. This position allows the couple to hit various angles that are not normal during anal sex. The giver can then use the bed or the shoulders or back of their partner to increase their depth and frequency.

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7. Rear entry- This position is quite similar to the jockey, in that the receiver takes up the same position, only with their legs apart. The receiver could maintain this position or push back on their partner during sex. Domination is the aim of the position.

8. Seated- This position increases connection and intimacy between the receiver and the giver. The receiver sits on the giver’s lap, facing them. Most of the time the receiver does all the work when in this position, the giver has the option of sitting and enjoying the ride or thrusting their penis in the anus. The receiver could control the depth and speed of the act. Since the two parties are close to each other, they are limited to a slower movement, which is actually ideal for anal sex. This position is recommended for beginners.

9. Spooning- both the receiver and the giver are lying on their sides. The giver should face the receiver, as the receiver faces away from the giver. The parties will have free hands to guide and stimulate each other’s genitals. The rectum opens naturally in this position, thus one can easily ease into this position.

10. Missionary- Spice up your sex life by switching from missionary position with the vagina to anal sex. It could be quite pleasurable and romantic. For deeper penetration, you could add a pillow below the hips of the receiver, or you could use another method to elevate their pelvis. This increases stimulation and romance.

11. Cowboy or cowgirl- This position is similar to the normal cowgirl position done through the vagina. The receiver has utmost control since they are on top. In addition to this, you could rub the clitoris as your partner is anally penetrating you.

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12. Anal blossoming- The receiver lies on their back while their head is lower than the rest of their body. The giver then penetrates the receiver as they are facing each other. This position boosts intimacy since the parties can maintain eye contact.

13. Shower anal- just as the name suggests, this position requires the parties to be taking a shower. It is advisable for beginners to try it because they will ease any concern they have about hygiene. The two are in a standing position, and the giver approaches the receiver from behind. Alternatively, the giver could lift the receiver’s leg and approach them from in front. Take note that the heat from showers could be detrimental to latex condoms.

14. Rimming- this position is also known as analingus, booty eating, or oral-anal sex. There are numerous positions to explore under analingus. You could let the receiver stand as the giver kneels down under the receiver. The receiver could kneel down and spread their booty cheeks for penetration. The receiver could sit on the giver’s face too.

15. Curved angel- This position resembles spooning. The only difference is that this position requires both parties to be in a bent body angle. The knees of both parties should be bent and close. It provides the giver with sufficient and immediate penetration.

16. Double-decker- You will need to start in a spooning position. Then the giver can direct the receiver to lie on his chest as he lies on his back. The receiver has all the control in this position.

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17. Afternoon delight- The giver lies on his side facing the receiver. The receiver then perpendicularly meets the giver’s penis, while lying on her back. The giver has all the control in this position. The parties are able to maintain eye contact, thus this position is very intimate.

18. Clip- This position resembles the cowgirl. The only difference is that the receiver, who is on top, maintains a slanted position while rising. The receiver bends towards the legs of the giver.

19. The rocking horse- the giver is required to sit in a cross-legged position. This will need him to steady himself by slanting back and supporting his weight with his arms. The receiver then sits on the giver.

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