How Did Anal Bleaching Become so Mainstream?

The 3 Main Reasons Why Has Anal Bleaching Become So Popular

sexier behindA few years ago, no one knew that anal bleaching would be as popular as it is today.

As it stands today, bleaching has become so popular that it has become a major revenue earner for the spas that provide anal bleaching services.

The question many might be asking themselves is why has it become so popular especially at this point. There are several reasons why anal bleaching has become popular all of a sudden.

However, the reasons behind the current craze with anal bleaching stand at how individuals and the society, in general, have changed.

Below are 3 reasons why it has become popular.

1) Increase in popularity of Brazilian Waxes


The first reason why anal bleaching has grown in popularity can be attributed to the growth in popularity of waxing of the genital areas, in particular for women.

While waxing wasn’t a popular trend among women a decade or so ago, it has since grown in popularity.

The Brazilian waxing style has mainly grown in popularity over the last couple of years making it one of the most popular waxing styles among women. The thing with Brazilian waxes, however, is that it left women with the realization that some of their nether region parts tended to be a little bit darker than the rest of the body.

It is not understood how the bleaching trend started, but the realization that the area around the anus is a shade darker than the area around it drove them to get the area bleached so that it can look better.

2) Increase in popularity of pornography


Anal bleaching has also grown in popularity because pornography has become ubiquitous. This means that more and more men and women do not shy away from watching porn and talking about it.

It is no secret that porn stars are the ones who first got round to start bleaching their anal areas. With many individuals and couples watching porn today, it subconsciously led them to re-define what beauty is when one was naked.

And the anus was part of the definition of this beauty. This resulted in many women believing that a bleached anus was a beautiful anus.

The fact that more and more women have embraced anal sex has only made it more acceptable for anal bleaching since more women want to look good when they and their partners engage in anal intercourse.

Pornography also brought about an entire market for DIY anal bleaching creams, which have become very popular for people in their 20’s to 30’s.


3) Social Media Hype

Social media has also played a significant role in increasing anal bleaching popularity all of a sudden. Unlike the years that preceded the explosion of the social media era, it was very hard for the dissemination of information.

This has however changed especially with popular social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube being very popular amongst people of all ages and races.

With it being very easy to disseminate information and what may be the in-thing in a certain locality or among individuals with the same interests, it became easier for the same trend to easily get to people in different areas and with different interests.

This is the same thing that occurred in the case of anal bleaching. It quickly gained popularity among discussions on social media and with that, quickly grew in popularity among different people.

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