What are the Signs of Melanoma | How to Prevent It
Prevention of Skin disease

Signs, Causes & Prevention for Melanoma

melanoma skin pictureMelanoma is one of the most treated diseases in the world. However, it can be fatal if left untreated for a long time.

It is very important that if you have any reason to suspect you have skin cancer, get immediate attention from a doctor.

Today, most people are addicted to drugs, unhealthy diets, alcohol, and smoking. These are factors that have brought peoplein a state where they are under threat of dangerous diseases. Melanoma is one disease that associated with unhealthy habits.

There are two types of skin cancer namely Melanoma and non-melanoma. While both categories are scary to have, they are treatable. Melanoma is basically skin cancer.

According to research, 95% percent cases of melanoma have been cured when detected early enough. Melanoma is a hard to form of cancer to cure because it can spread through the body like an extensive fire.

Melanoma is a skin tumor which rises from melanocyte cells. It is a very dangerous disease that can take someone’s life if not treated or if the treatment is not effective.

When the tumor develops, they give birth to a dark pigment known as melanin. Doctors call melanoma a real skin disease which can damage the cells of the skin. In the worst situation, it can penetrate into the fresh of the body. Some of the main types of melanoma include spreading melanoma, protruding melanoma, malevolent melanoma, and acral melanoma.

Signs of Melanoma:


Evidence of melanoma can vary from one person to person. For some, it is just a growth that will not heal properly.

Others signs include lumps that seem to be red, shiny or smooth. Others are rough and scaly patches of the skin. However, just because there are some changes in your skin does not mean you have skin cancer. But to be on the same side, visit your doctor to be examined.

High-risk candidates:

Even though melanomas can develop in anyone, the following are at a higher risk

  • People who have a previous skin cancer
  • Individuals with family history of skin cancer
  • People with several abnormal appearing moles
  • Fair skinned individuals with light eyes, who easily sunburn
  • Dark and black skinned people are vulnerable to under the nail melanomas and mucosal melanoma.
  • Alcohol and smoking addicts
  • Prevention

To avoid melanoma, there are some habits you need to evade:

  • Avoid lasting contact to the sun; however, do not be obsessive about it. Keep in mind that sunlight encourages the formation of vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical for the body.
  • To remain on the safe side, conduct frequent checks on your body. Research shows that if you work out regularly, you are protected from melanoma. Studies also show that exercises enhance a process that kills sun-damaged cells.
  • Stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol

Treatment of Melanoma

The skin damaged cells which are commonly grown by melanoma can be removed through surgery.

But it depends on the sternness of the disease, and how much the cells have been damaged. If the lymph modes are distributed, the treatment may become more involved because melanoma is hard to control.

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