The 6 Best Exercises for a Bigger & Firmer Butt
Shaping Butt with fitness

Top 6 Workouts To Make Your Butt Look More Firm & Bigger

dumbellIn today’s society, we often witness several models and celebrities going through massive procedures to get bigger and firmer butts through implants. While some situations may require some procedures, surgery is usually not necessary because it is associated with long-term complications and risks.

Having said all that, you can achieve your goals of a bigger and firm butt through exercise by itself.

1. Wide Dumbbell Squats

Squats are one of the most used exercises. Variations include barbell squats, wide squats, dumbbell squats, body weight squats, and many other compound movements.

Wide squats are the change that most female celebrities and model use to make their butt bigger and firmer. You can use dumbbells while carrying out wide squats to maximize your body response.

Through dumbbells, your body will realize that there is more work to be done thus adding more muscles to the butts as a response.

2. Lunges

A wide range of thrusts, such as forward lunges, side lunges with twists and skater lunge are also useful for developing a rounder butt and stronger leg muscles.

They are similar to squats, but instead, you move your feet in a backward or forward instead of a downward or upward motion.

Whichever type of lunges you choose, you can add resistance by either putting a barbell on your back or dumbbells in both hands.

3. Stability Ball Leg Curls

Some women use stability ball leg curls to achieve a bigger and better looking butt. This exercise works the butt, thighs, hips and core.

To perform the stability ball leg curl exercise, lie on a flat surface with your arms palm down on the ground. Put your feet on the stability ball.

While balancing your feet on the ball, take a deep breath and bend your knees so that your calves roll the ball toward you. Again take a deep breath and push the ball back out. While doing all these, keep your hips and back straight throughout the exercise.

4. Lat Pulldowns

Plenty of athletes, celebs, and models use lat pull-down as the core back and butt workout.

Don’t attempt to cheat by using your body weight to help you pull down the weight. Instead, focus on drawing your power from your entire back region and squeezing your late muscles.

5. Dumbbell Rows


Dumbbell rows are not only famous for getting that V-Shape in your back but also good for getting a bigger and firmer butt.

They are commonly referred to as “lawn mowers” because they seem to like you are starting a lawn mower. They can help you get well-defined arms and back as they make your weight look smaller while the butt to look bigger.

6. Crunches

The two types of crises that make the butt bigger and firmer are upper body crunches and reverse crunches.

The upper body crunches are also referred to as the go-to ab exercise because they work the upper abs or rectus abdominous.

Reverse crunches, also known as lower body crunches work the lower abs that are hard to reach.


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