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A Booty to Dye

Anal Bleaching: Is It Really the Hottest Trend?

Is It Normal For Me To Be Darker “Down There”?

Not long ago, you probably had never even heard of anal bleaching. Now it’s one of the highest rising beauty trends. In 2017, anal bleaching received a 20% increase in sales at spas and salons, and it continues to rise in popularity throughout the United States.

We know what you’re thinking: it sounds scary. We normally don’t associate bleach with your butt, so the whole process sounds really unnatural and invasive. Despite the off-putting name, anal bleaching brings benefits to men and women looking for flawless color and a confidence boost.

Before writing it off, consider learning more about what anal bleaching actually is, how it works, and what benefits make it the hottest trend.

What Is Anal Bleaching?

Have you ever noticed that on your elbows, knees, nipples, and other areas of your skin that fold and rub together that there’s a different color? The anus is no different.

Unlike other body parts that don’t rub against other parts of the skin like your arms and face, the anal skin constantly rubs together. On top of that, the anus is a sensitive area. Over time this friction leads to an increase in melanin build-up, which leads to an overall darker skin complexion.

It’s common to experience melanin build-up in areas where the skin is pinched together. While it’s completely normal to have areas of different colored skin on your body, you might wish for a more even-toned look.

Simply put, anal bleaching is the process of lightening the skin pigmentation on the anus. Like skin lightening, anal bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that creates a uniform pigmentation with the rest of your body. Anal bleaching, in particular, blends the skin color of your anus with the surrounding area.

Remember that it is completely healthy and normal to have skin areas with lighter or darker pigmentation colors. However, if you desire a smoother, more evenly colored look, anal lightening is your remedy.

How Does It Work?

There are several anal bleaching methods that you’ll encounter that will all achieve your desired look.

  • Creams

The most common method is using a cream, gel, or lotion that you apply at home. Creams are non-invasive, applied by you only, can be used based on your schedule, and feel nice!

Many manufacturers and retailers sell a variety of products designed for different skin types. Through consistent use, creams will show a noticeable pigmentation change for patient users.

If you choose to use creams, remember to always check on what ingredients are being used. Since you’re self-administering, you don’t have a professional over your shoulder while you apply to tell you if your cream is safe to use.

Unfortunately, as anal bleaching popularity rose, several unqualified manufacturers began selling creams with toxic chemicals as ingredients.

Always check that your cream does not contain hydroquinone, which is banned in the European Union and disapproved by the FDA. This chemical causes ochronosis, a skin disfiguring disease. It will bring about the opposite of anal bleaching results. It’s widely available in the USA because the chemical is still not banned, so always read labels to make sure you never encounter this chemical.

  • Salon or Spa

Would you rather trust a professional? Salons and spas throughout the country apply anal bleaching products for you. They will teach you more about the process and give you products for daily use. Consulting with a professional might relieve you of your anxiety about the process and make you feel like you aren’t doing this alone.

Before booking, ask the spa or salon what product they specifically use. They should have several in-store creams for different skin types, but double check. If you have sensitive skin, they’ll need to know before applying the cream.

  • Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has become more popular as the anal bleaching trend has risen. It’s not as popular as at-home creams, but it’s certainly an effective and completely safe choice. It’s the priciest option and will require a few sessions, but the results will be flawless.

Anyone with the budget will love this method – you don’t have to worry about making your own schedule and can trust a professional to do all the work for you.

Is Anal Bleaching Really Safe?

Is This Stuff Safe For My Tender Parts?

The last thing anybody wants to injure is that area “down there.” Even the thought of messing with it is frightening – what if something goes wrong?

The good thing about anal bleaching is that all the methods discussed ensure safety. High-quality creams are made with natural ingredients such as Arbutin, which is derived from natural plants such as blackberry, cranberry, and pear.

Always remember: anal bleaching is as safe as the ingredients you use. The more knowledgeable you are about your anal bleaching method, the more comfortable you will be about the entire process. Check labels and learn about ingredients to use your method with confidence!

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What Are the Benefits?

  • Convenience

Sure, you can easily live with an uneven skin tone—but why would you want to? Now it’s easier than ever to smooth out the darker areas like your anus for a uniform look. An at-home cream, a relaxing spa, or an effective laser treatment all are non-invasive methods that quickly bring results. Once you’ve tried it, it may strike you how much happier you feel with your new look.

  • Flawless Complexion

Regardless of the method, bleaching will bring an even look. As long as you use consistently, follow the instructions, and avoid toxic ingredients, you’ll have a smoother looking butt that blends perfectly into your skin color!

  • Confidence Boost

The biggest enhancement that anal bleaching brings is a significant confidence booster. Before treatment, many with darker anus colors feel like they can’t step into a favorite bikini during the summer. This experience is depressing and self-harmful. You’ll start to feel like there’s something wrong with your body, and you’ll miss out on a yearly summer tan and fun with friends.

Anal bleaching ensures that you can wear whatever you please, and others will see an even complexion. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the happier you’ll be with your body and self-image. Worries about a darker anus are common among many men and women who feel like their skin is something to hide.

If you struggle with self-confidence and want to feel your most beautiful, anal bleaching is meant for you! You’ll feel like you’ve just had a remarkable makeover. With it, you’ll be ready for a summer at the beach or the perfect date.

  • Improved Sex

We all know how important sex is in our lives. We love the intimacy that being close with others provides us. However, if you struggle with your self-image, it’s going to be a lot harder to feel confident in the bedroom.

An uneven anus color harms most people’s sex lives. This area is already sensitive enough, and it becomes even more embarrassing if you aren’t happy with how it looks. You might even be changing the way you have sex to accommodate the fear of your anus being seen. Even worse, you might not have tried things in bed you’ve always wanted because you’re scared of being judged.

Anal bleaching will completely makeover your sexual confidence. It changes the way you have sex for the better. You’ll no longer be worried about how your butt looks—you’ll be free to explore, play, and experiment.

Why Is It the Hottest Trend?

The Verdict: Does Butt Bleaching Really Work?

Celebrities, media personalities, and health care professionals quickly discovered anal bleaching benefits. Consumers gradually started anal bleaching and spread the word to friends. Porn stars were the first to try it and popularized lighter colored anuses as a standard. What evolved from a trend transformed into a body-positive method toward feeling more confident and beautiful.

Although incorrectly assumed to be a women-exclusive practice, many men benefit from anal bleaching, too. Women and men who anal bleach are decreasing wariness surrounding the process and encouraging others to try a safe and proven method toward even skin pigmentation. The more people who are comfortable to talk about anal bleaching, the more others are willing to try it. The stigma surrounding anal bleaching is lessening, and its benefits are becoming better known.

Anal bleaching is more than just a fad: it’s a growing method toward feeling more confident in your own skin. With plenty of body-friendly ingredient-based products on the market and professional care available, it’s easier now than ever to try this non-invasive method.

If you are insecure about the color of your anus, we think you should give it a try! At least consult with a professional about a method that you’ll be most comfortable with. You could be on a path toward a happier, more confident you.

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