The Hottest New Beauty Trend: A Booty to Dye For

The Hottest New Beauty Trend: A Booty to Dye For

Is It Normal For Me To Be Darker “Down There”?

Let’s face it – Butts are the IT thing right now. It began with a fascination with J-Lo’s backdoor but it was Kim Kardashian’s badonkadonk that catapulted the booty to the forefront of today’s obsession with everything butts.

So besides lunges and squats to tone up the behind, what’s the hottest new beauty trend for the titillating tush? These days it’s all about the ever-growing trend of bleaching your bum.

Intrigued? Terrified? Even slightly aroused?

Don’t worry – we’ve investigated everything you need to know about this booty beauty trend.

Here’s the low-down on everything you need to know about this back door beauty treatment.

Is It Normal For Me To Be Darker “Down There”?

Let’s get this straight – it’s totally normal for everyone’s undersides to vary in color. This is due to a natural process of melanin build-up in areas where skin bunches up.

You may have noticed that your elbows, knees, armpits, nipples – and anywhere else where skin folds and rubs together – gets a little darker than other parts of your body. It’s normal! But not always desirable.

Some people feel self conscious of how they look down below – especially with the growing trend of Brazilian waxes. Beauty bleaching is gaining traction to help you bring back the puckering pink.

Who’s Doing It – The Beauty Secret Of Booty Bleachers

So who exactly is bleaching their behinds? It’s no secret that this all started in the pornography industry, but it is becoming more and more commonplace for the modern bum-holder.

Think about it. With all the trimming, shaving, and vajazzling we do to our under-parts, the tushy was probably feeling a little left out. And this process isn’t limited only to women. Lots of men have become more aware of their manscaping, because boy booties need love too.

Is This Stuff Safe For My Tender Parts?

Is This Stuff Safe For My Tender Parts?The last thing you want is to do something painful to your most private parts. Don’t let the term “anal bleaching” scare you off though.

High quality skin lightening cream is on par with the same creams you might use under your eyes. The best ones contain no harsh chemicals, use all natural ingredients, and are gentle for use on all skin types. Most dermatologists recommend all-natural serums like those from popular skin lightening mogul, Amaira Skincare.

Just be EXTRA careful not to use any products that contain harsh substances, like hydroquinone, which can cause irritation, skin damage, or even cause your skin to darken more! Instead, go for an all-natural serum that contains plant extracts such as Kojic Acid. This is a much safer option which is developed from rice and mushrooms – but still does the trick.

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Where Can I Get My Butt Bleached?

So you’re ready to join the hordes of booty bleaching babes, but aren’t quite sure where to do it?

Here are the most common places to get this treatment done:

1. Salon

Get ready to bare your backside at your local salon/spa. Knock out the whole shebang during your Brazilian and come out pink and pretty.

Just make sure you do you your homework before you walk in there – they’ll use the products they have on hand, which you’ll need to make sure are right for your tender tushy. If you have sensitive skin, or are not 100% sure about the cleanliness of the place, opt for DIY method instead.

2. Laser Treatment

Leave it to the professionals and have them laser out the pigment to give you a fresh new look. This option will cost you more and may take multiple treatments, but is done by a certified professional. If you’re on a tight budget or have sensitive skin, this might not be the best option for you – but if you’ve got lots of extra cash to spare and thick skin, laser booty is the way to go.

3. DIY At Home Skin Lightening Treatments

If you aren’t exactly comfortable exposing your rear to anyone you’re not already hot and heavy with, then you’re in luck! There are Do-It-Yourself products available which you can use to lighten up your posterior in the interior of your own home.

They work just as well as professional treatments, and you can keep your junk in your trunk as far as another set of eyes is concerned. As we mentioned before, be careful to use at-home treatments made from all-natural ingredients, and avoid any with harsh chemicals. Most importantly, follow the directions on the packaging carefully to achieve the best results.

Ready to try out booty beauty at home? Here’s our top pick for DIY skin lightening.

The Verdict: Does Butt Bleaching Really Work?

The Verdict: Does Butt Bleaching Really Work?

IF you choose the right method, and IF you follow the instructions carefully, then our answer is a resounding YES!

On one hand, you can remain blissfully ignorant of the color of your tukus, but if it wears down on your confidence, go ahead and try an all-natural skin lightening cream like Amaira to transform your butt into booteus maximus.

Treat your caboose to a candid cleaning, and get the confidence to air your derriere anywhere.

Happy butt bleaching!

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