Are Bleaching Surgeries Worth The Risk?

Are Bleaching Surgeries Worth The Risk?

risky decisionSkin whitening can be achieved through many ways. There are many skin brightening creams, pills, soaps and serums that can be used to achieve a lighter skin complexion.

But if you want results that are permanent, you might opt for skin lightening surgeries. This treatment involves restructuring tissues in a bid to brighten the skin tone.

Whereas most chemicals used for bleaching are proven to be safe and effective, in some cases they can damage your skin, which is why some people opt for surgery.

Let’s explore skin whitening surgeries and see if they are worth the risk.

Surgery process

As the first step for this procedure, a clinical visit is necessary so you can discuss your goals with the surgeon. In this stage, your surgeon will explain everything you need to know about the surgery.

The physician will determine how much melanin should be reduced to be able to achieve the skin complexion that you want.

One of the most crucial things that you can do during a surgeon’s appointment is to ask him questions. If you don’t ask any questions, the doctor will think you don’t need any more information.

Visit this page for more info on complications related to surgery vs using DIY creams:

Methods used

Skin lightening surgery uses many different methods, and peeling is considered the most popular one.

Chemical peels are usually applied to the skin, causing the epidermis to dissolve, blister, and peel away. When it is done, the surgeon will peel off the skin. Ideal candidates for chemical peeling are fair haired people with light-skin.

People with darker skin tones are unlikely to achieve good results. The risks of complications include scarring, uneven skin tone, permanent changes in skin pigment as well as changes in skin texture.

Recovery period

under the knife

Recovery time is usually 7 to 21 days, during which it will feel like sun burn. Side effects include bruising, swelling, and redness.

Redness may continue after three weeks. Don’t worry though; this can easily be masked by makeup until it completely fades off in 2-3 months. After surgery, patients must avoid direct sun exposure. One should be particularly careful to avoid mid-day sun exposure.

The greatest risk of bleaching surgeries is hyper-pigmentation, a common condition in which skin patches become dark than the normal surrounding skin.

Maintenance products

After the procedure, your surgeon will recommend certain products that will facilitate faster healing. It is therefore best to follow the doctor’s directions.

If you want to make any changes, you should consult your physician first in order to prevent further complications. After the surgery, daily application of sunscreen is recommended. In addition to protecting your skin from sunburn, this will also prevent your skin from becoming darker.

So, you need to make arrangements before pushing through with the process.

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What are the Costs?

The fee for whitening surgery is usually paid prior to surgery. In most clinics and hospitals, a consultation fee is paid before the procedure commences.

Costs vary greatly and depend on the method used, complexity of the operation and where the procedure takes place. The cost of bleaching surgery is hard for most people to come to terms with.

Nonetheless, localized skin lightening surgeries may cost you anywhere from $500 to $700.

The decision is now up to you, risks are everywhere especially in the medical field.


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