Anal Bleaching At Home

Anal bleaching has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, gaining popularity steadily, since the start of the new millennium.

In the past, ass bleaching was something porn stars and strippers did.

However, as porn has become part of the mainstream of popular culture, so has this treatment, with a majority of people going for it to achieve a more even skin tone.

What exactly is anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is precisely what you think it is: a beauty trend in which men and women choose to bleach the skin around the anus, usually for glamour purposes, and to feel confident.

Whitening options comprise spa-based treatment, laser procedures, as well as at-home whitening. Results will vary from one person to the next depending on the color and the type of the skin.

For instance, people with dark brown skin around the anus won’t be able to get their anus bleached to either white of light pink. The only option would be to lighten the skin around the area to the color as the surrounding skin.

This process has become quite the trend the past few years as more people are looking to enhance their beauty… even with their intimate areas! Not only does it increase your confidence from within, it also looks good aesthetically without any side-effects especially if you’re leaning towards a more natural solution that doesn’t involve surgery. Everyone has got a few options when it comes to anal whitening, there are expensive surgical processes as well as natural remedies that you can do at home that aren’t as financially burdening. More people these days are inclined to take the latter considering the economical state of the world. This just proves that you don’t need to be rich to get your anus bleached safely.


Why has it gained popularity?

Were it not for porn stars and Bridesmaids adopting this treatment, and introducing it to the public, odds are that this practice would not have come to the limelight. The practice has since caused a surge in the number of women and men wanting to bleach their anus. A majority of those who have undergone this practice say that they feel cleaner and confident in intimate relationships. Others say they choose it for glamour purposes as well as wearing G-strings, thongs, or bikini bottoms. Skin darkening around the anus can be due to increased melanin or wearing g-strings, tight thongs and poor skin care habits.

The truth is that intimate area cosmetic treatment like Anal bleaching, Vaginal Bleaching and nipple bleaching were all started by Hollywood trends. They were first offered by cosmetic surgeons and health spas.

Since it has now grown in popularity, many people are looking for ways to get the area around their anus lighter for personal reasons. While not everyone wants to or is liberal enough to bare their bottom to another unknown person, there are now ways they can do it in privacy and the comfort of their homes.

The main thing is to follow the instructions of these products carefully as you do not want to end up with a skin irritation in such a sensitive area.

Is at-home Asshole bleaching safe?

Whether you choose to undergo the treatment in a beauty spa, a medical facility or DIY at-home, you need to pick the right cream, as not all bum creams are safe. All bleach creams aren’t created the same. Avoid any type of cream that contains hydroquinone. While hydroquinone is a commonly prescribed agent used for lightening the skin, most physicians have concerns about using any product containing this topical agent for any sort of skin bleaching. The use of this ingredient in skin product is now banned by countries that are part of the European Union.

In the U.S, hydroquinone has come under much scrutiny. It is recommended to only use skin lightening products that contain natural ingredients that are specially designed for lighting areas like the butthole, vagina, nipples, scrotum and penis. Physicians are expressing concerns over the increased number of people using products that pack in harsh ingredients in order to achieve quick results. Side effects of these products include burning, ochronosis, scarring and increased risk of chronic conditions such as cancer.

While many people still think that these processes are hard to do at home, they are not. It’s completely safe and effective, even more so than going under the knife which can cause a bunch of complications as a lot of people would attest to. Although you might need some help from another person to apply the cream properly, it is still light-years better than spending loads of hard-earned money at spas and clinics. The only difference between going to surgery and doing it yourself are the costs, a huge difference I might add. So, what are you waiting for? Get the dream body that you have always wanted!

Salon treatment or DIY – Which is better?

child poseFor some individuals, going to a spa or medical doctor for a bleached ass hole makes the most sense, and for others, a DIY option is the best. At-home anal lightening can be less expensive and certainly more private. Most spa centers charge more than $150 for the first treatment, and it’s the custom to visit a spa 5-7 times over the course of the treatment. That’s not all! They will sell you costly products for follow up maintenance. Privacy is a big issue since the butthole area is the most private of any body part. Men and women would talk about their other private parts but not anul area. For this reason, more people opt for at-home option. If you opt to do it at home, you could tell your spouse to do it for you.  How long does it last?  Just as long as a salon treatment.  No difference.

Not sure about you, but there’s no chance I would end up at doctors office asking them to perform this procedure.  This would very embarrassing for basically anyone.  Good thing it’s 2016 and we have the internet.  You can purchase this product, among all other embarrassing things from the convenience of your own home.  Then, when it comes to the application, there’s a very simple process that will make things smooth and painless.

How do Anus Bleaching Creams Work?

It’s important to find out how anal creams work so you aren’t wasting your hard earned cash on creams that don’t work. Skin bleaching products work by reducing a skin’s pigment known as melanin as they form. So, as old cells die off and the new ones are produced with less melanin, light skin tone is achieved. To speed up the lighting process, old dead skin cell is removed with the use of exfoliating scrub or a loofah.


How to?
– The three steps to the lightening process

Prepare the area to be lightened

First of all, you need to clean and dry the rectal area. At this stage, a loofah or an exfoliating scrub will help speed up the process. When exfoliating the anus, you have to be gentle because ass bleaching creams shouldn’t be applied to broken skin.

creamApplying the cream

To effectively bleach the butt, apply the cream externally and rub in until it’s absorbed. Results should be seen quickly and continuously. In the event that you reach your desired skin tone, you can stop using the cream.

Stopping the use of this cream

As we mentioned earlier, creams formulated with natural ingredients are safe and highly recommended by dermatologists across the world. But, if you experience any side effect or if your skin is inflamed in the anal area, it is advised to discontinue its use.

What’s the most preferred intimate whitening cream?

There are many different intimate lightening creams out there, making it difficult to choose the right one.  Make sure to read our whitening kit and bleaching cream reviews. As mentioned earlier, any product that contains hydroquinone is considered unsafe. Don’t use anything that can put your health at risk. When we dug a little deeper into this subject, we realized that most brands had some negative feedback. Most of the negative feedback stemmed from the product’s failure to live up to their promises. Some claim that the product they used didn’t work as much as they wished.

At the start of this article, we mentioned that you need to have realistic goals. A dark person should not expect a pale pink skin and using natural formulated product might take longer to give real results than a product containing harsh ingredients. However, your health is your crucial asset. There is one intimate lightening cream in the market that’s formulated by a company that appears to be client-focused. The product has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews online. It is formulated by a company that is known for manufacturing safe and effective lightening creams.


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