What are the Different Anal Cancer Symptoms?

Anal cancer is a type of disease, which means an uncommon malignancy initiates in the anus, in the starting at the end of the rectum. More than half of all issues get recognized before the malignancy spreads beyond the primary area. And 13% to 25% get accepted after virus spreads to the lymph nodes. At times 10% get taken when cancer spread towards distant body organ.

The Symptoms:

At times it’s difficult to find a sign. It starts with bleeding in the anus area. People often confuse themselves with this, they find it as hemorrhoid, which is a different disease and causes swelling and bleeding in anus and rectum area. However general symptoms for anus symptoms start with rectal bleeding and itching, pain and mass formation in the rectum area, narrowing of stool or constipation, swollen nodes of lymph in an anus, etc. These are taken as fissures or hemorrhoid or warts however it might not be a typical case always. Make sure if get this checked.

People who are above 60 face this problem. And men of 35 years also suffer from this as our research says. Women after the age of 50 face this too, and that’s very common. Also, it’s been observed that single men have this issue rather than married men.

Treatments & Procedure:

One of the HPV vaccines called as Gardasil is commonlymale vaccine used to prevent this which was earlier approved for cervical cancer. Anal disease is highly treatable when it gets diagnosed early. In cases where it got diagnosed first, we have seen that survival rate of five-year is 82% and more. But if it’s already gone through lymph nodes chances are there that the speed of survival for five-year drops to 60% or below. And in case it’s gone to distant organs only one out of 5 people can survive to five years.

Rectal cancer gets treated mostly keeping in mind the age of a patient, the stage of the problem, gender of the person, medical history and summary. There is a virus team assigned for every patient. Three primary methods include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. At times combinations of treatments get implemented. It always varies case to case.

How to Treat it:

1. Chemotherapy

This is the utilization of medications to kill the cancerous cells. This can be as an infusion, drugs or pills. The injections are through a catheter. The drugs murder the cells of the disease.

2. Radiation

Radiation therapy is usually given together with chemotherapy. In some cases, chemotherapy is hence stopped due to its side effects.

3. Surgical Operation

A surgical operation can be done on the parts that are affected by the cancerous cell. Though this option should be the last one to be. However, this should be justified. Surgery usually leads to the constant creation of a colostomy in the lower abdomen called a Stoma. That serves the purpose of the anus- that of excreting feces.

There are minimal side effects of anal problems if treated by surgery. It depends on cases and treatment, an age of the patient and other factors.

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