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Can Changing Your Skin Color Pose Any Danger to your Health?

Is it dangerous changing skin colour

Few topics arouse more passionate arguments, initiate more irrational fear and hatred or are as difficult to discuss in a calm, thoughtful manner as skin color. Over the centuries it has been used to divide people, to stigmatize them, to Continue reading

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News: Some Skin Whitening Products Found To Contain Mercury

Girl trying skin whitening cream

The subject of skin whitening is a good one to bring up if you want to get into a lengthy argument over its origins, its uses and why it seems to be so popular in countries where women’s rights tend Continue reading

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3 Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Skin (and What to Do About It)

How is Phone ruining your skin

Your phone is your lifeline, your tether to your family, the way you stay in touch with your closest friends and an invaluable business tool. You use it to make personal and business calls, to shop, to watch videos, to Continue reading

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5 Newest Beauty Supplements That Will Help You Look and Feel Better

Beauty Supplements

Looking good and feeling good is easier these days. There are a ton of products that the market offers that will make it easier for you to access the best ones there are. Of course, it is not always easy Continue reading

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9 Essential Oils That Can Enhance Your Skin Health

Essential oil for skin health

One of the things that you need to learn about proper skin care is that there are so many benefits that you can get out of essential oils. Not many people are aware of this- many of whom have become Continue reading

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9 Best Korean Skin Products to Treat Dark Spots

Korean products to Treat Dark Spots

Have you noticed a few blemishes on your skin? Perhaps those dark spots that you have on your skin are starting to bother you too much. If that is the case, then maybe (or maybe not) you might already know that Koreans Continue reading

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Skin Conditions Where Bleaching is Not Advisable

Bleaching is Not Advisable for some skins

Skin bleaching can be a great confidence booster and has experienced a surge of popularity in many communities around the world. Often, skin tone is considered an indication of beauty and this is evident in many countries where high numbers Continue reading

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4 HUGE Reasons Why Vitamin D is Important for Our Skin

Fish Oil Vitamin D

Whereas Vitamin D is known for its important role in overall health and well being, it is certainly indispensable for the long life, health, and beauty of skin. Unlike most other vitamins, Vitamin D can be synthesized by the body. Continue reading

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7 Life Hacks To Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Healthy

tips to keep looking young

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and looking young is a sign of health and vitality. As we get older, we begin to see changes in our physical appearance and soon enough everybody begins to notice wrinkles forming in Continue reading

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What are Effects of Sunlight on the Skin?

Does sunlight affect skin

Just like in plants, the sun can be beneficial or harmful to human beings. The effects of the sun to the skin is somewhat of a hot topic that continues to draw much research and debate. The sun is a Continue reading

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