3 Best Kinds of Underwear to Avoid Skin Irritation
Underwear to Avoid Skin Irritation

3 Best Kinds of Underwear to Avoid Skin Irritation for Men & Women

panties for womenAre you aware that selecting the wrong type of underwear not only limits your mobility but also affects your skin health? Perhaps, picking the right panty is as vital as choosing the best dress for that long awaited event.

However, most of us do not pay heed to the type of panties we choose. If you are one of those who throw their bucks on any brand you come across just because it is underwear, then it’s time you rethink and review your shopping style.

Panties come in close contact with your skin for long periods. Therefore, the wrong choice of it can result in skin chaffing and even skin darkening around your naughty bits.

Extremely tight ones often create bulges on your waist. Extra-large or loose ones also make bad impressions of folds that appear over your trousers.

All these can steal away your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you are striking uneasy balance whenever you wear a bad pair, then here are the six best kinds you can buy to avoid darkening your private parts. If you’d like to read more on this just check out our homepage.

3 Best for Men:

man in underwear

1. Under Armour M Series

If you are regularly booked into an active lifestyle, then you need a powerful brand that is lightweight, comfortable and anti-microbial.

Under Armour is made with smooth and breathable fabric that makes it flexible and comfortable. On a hot day, it can wick away your sweat and leave your skin fresh and dry.

2. Calvin Klein

Proper moisture management is vital for the health of your skin, particularly skin darkening. Calvin Klein is the ideal brand you can wear during that sweltering summer sun.

It is made by combining 90% nylon and 10% spandex microfiber fabric thus giving you an ultra-soft fit.

Additionally, it comes with a contour pouch that adds support meaning you can wear it for the whole day without compromising your skin. It has a unique design that prevents your legs from sculpting and rolling; hence, providing you with additional comfort. It is a sure bet you can use to remedy skin darkening and chaffing.

3. David Beckham Line

David Beckham is not only another best-selling brand but skin-friendly pick you can buy. It comes with elastic waistband and a well-padded front line that provides you with maximum comfort. It features a soft cotton and stretchy fabric that keeps you in good shape.

Its minimalist design makes it ideal to be worn both day and night. If your current brand is too tight and causes skin darkening and discomfort, then David Beckham can help you remedy the condition.


3 Best for Women:

woman in underwear

1. French-Cut Panties for Women

You can call them high-cut panties. It is a 1980s renowned brand that gained much attention. They resemble classic briefs but have leg holes that help provide air circulation.

They are highly elastic and provide maximum comfort. If you want to avoid skin darkening due to intense heat and sweats, then I would recommend this style to you.

2. Briefs Panties

Skin darkening often results from poor air circulation and accumulation of sweats. Briefs are made of pure cotton and feature an elastic, comfortable waistband. Therefore, it does not ride up and down hence any scratches or skin chaffing get eliminated. It is a perfect choice if you want to fight skin darkening.


3. Thongs

Thongs are other luxurious, soft, and comfortable panties that come with cotton-lined gusset. It is soft and feels smooth on your skin. Therefore, there are no pinches or visible panty lines. It has a broad, comfortable lace that provides a comfortable and flexible fit. Full air circulation helps reduce chances of sweating which can cause skin darkening.

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