5 Ways To Get A Sexier Butt
how to get a sexy butt

5 Ways To Get A Sexier Butt

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Ever since tight jeans and dresses first swarmed the red carpets, more women and men are now focused on achieving sexier butts.

Whether it is a symbol of femininity, the way it enables the beholder to look sexier or for one’s own personal reasons, there are several reasons why people are going to great lengths to achieve a sexier butt. A sexy backside is yours to achieve with the right kind of approach.

Here are a few tips for a smoother, sexier butt.

1. Exfoliate your Backside

If you have been ignoring your butt while exfoliating, then this is the time to start. Regular exfoliation is one among the best ways to restore your butt’s natural glow, unclog blocked pores and keep acne at bay. If you prefer using natural products, be cautious of store-purchased scrubs and their mysterious ingredients.

Fortunately, you can make exfoliating booty scrubs yourself. Blend coarse grains like kosher salt and blend it with natural base oil to turn into a booty scrub.

2. Showering Everyday

There are times when, if you have not gotten super-sweaty, it may be tempting to skip a shower. Lazing around in your sweaty clothes after a workout session or after a long day at work can trigger bacterial and yeast growth.

So make it a point to hit the shower as soon as you possibly can, and use a scrubber to give your butt a good scrubbing. Two good shower substitutes are Goodwipes and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, which don’t require water.

But until you take a bath, people won’t be comfortable being around you.

3. Using Whitening Products

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A dark butt is a result of wearing stringed panties all the time. Tight pants can reduce blood and oxygen circulation to certain areas of the skin.

Be sure to wear not too loose but exactly fit pants or thongs. A cotton-based fiber pant is highly recommended.

If your bum is too dark, you can use creams to lighten those dark spots. There are many creams (check them out) that are available for at-home use. While these products are marketed as bleaching creams, you need to carefully examine the ingredients used. Be sure to use creams that contain naturally derived ingredients.


4. Eating Healthier

Some foods, especially those high in proteins and healthy fats (check this out), have been proven to help make your backside sexy. Monounsaturated fats, which are usually found in foods like avocados, are good sources of fat that bring about a rounder butt.

Furthermore, these kinds of fats can prevent putting lots of weight in the midsection, making your booty even more visible. Foods like nuts, brown rice, peanut butter, cottage cheese and meat are also essential. With plenty of protein, vitamins and healthy fats, these foods are recommended for anyone looking to achieve a sexy booty.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, is what you see sexy, or is it droopy? If it is the latter, don’t despair as there is a solution. With a little effort, you can have that sexy butt that looks great both in dresses and jeans.

5. Consistent Workouts

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It’s always good to have a great workout routine at your disposal as it is one of the best ways to get a naturally toned buttocks. Most women tend to ignore this fact of life and think that it will improve over time but it won’t. Without proper exercise, there is nothing you can do to tone up your butt muscles.

Having a consistent workout routine will help you achieve the ass that you’ve been wanting!

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